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Beauty Tips For Sparkling & Beautiful Eyes

Thursday, 17 December 2015 05:54

One of the most distinctive features of the human body is the face, and the most distinctive parts of the face are the eyes. Eyes help human beings connect with each other not only through physical recognition but also through emotional connection. The wide range of emotions put forth in even the most subtle movement of an eye makes their position the most important feature for any form of natural expression. Therefore, keeping up their appearance can be a task that can help with one's aesthetic look as well as one's overall countenance and behavior. Within the history of acknowledging the human eye's role in connection and appearance, people have discovered or created a number of makeup or cosmetic remedies to help fashion beautiful eyes.

Beautiful Eyes

Natural Remedies

Basic activities that include getting enough sleep at night, avoiding caffeine, eating healthy, or rinsing the face with cold water can keep eyes tranquil. For more pronounced changes, people have turned to other more creative solutions that can have various effects on an appearance. Placing items such as cold spoons, egg whites, or even sliced strawberries on one's eyes can result in less puffiness, less dead skin, or more hydration for the area. After few days, weeks, months, or years without proper care, these natural treatments can be the clearest way to healthier eyes.

Cosmetic Remedies

Beyond home treatments for eyes including cold water or more sleep, there are plenty of cosmetic applications available for people to have beautiful eyes. The market recognizes the public's value in the appearance of the eyes by creating dozens of different brands and applications for the sake of beautifying individual eyes. These brands focus on products that help accent the features of the eye and create a fuller, more lasting effect on the appearance. For example, following a process of applying concealer, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, the eye already has the distinction of being bigger, clearer, and lighter than its normal appearance. All of these applications involve only a light layering of makeup in order to conceal imperfections like wrinkles or dark spots and highlight the natural and striking shadowing and shape. In line with this, however, there are plenty of different skin types, eye color, and even head shape that affect the use of makeup. Fortunately, there are also plenty of makeup choices that apply to these different users. BHCosmetics alone has more than a dozen different kinds of eyeshadow palettes ranging from Forever Smokey to Neutral Eyes. Not only are their products clinically-tested in order to clarify certain allergens, but they also provide different affects for outdoor wear. Forever Smokey provides the bold, striking eye look for personal contact while Neutral Eyes allows for a blending eye pattern for both day and night. Each of these palettes also comes with the different shades and shadows for skin tones and preferable looks. For instance, while the Forever Smokey creates a longer, lasting look for night, the Neutral Eyes is a more popular choice that applies for everyday activity. Of course, even with stark choices such as these, there are other things to take into account when approaching eye makeup applications.

Eye Accessories


Eye Accessories

The different palettes available are already relatively innumerable and cheap for the public, but there are additional, active treatments to help create beautiful eyes. Beyond concealer or eyeshadow, there are other treatments including eyelash curlers, eyebrow shapers, or mascara that can help give the ideal look. Like the other cosmetic treatments, the use of eyelash curlers or mascara usually highlights the natural view of the eyes. However, these products are also used to emphasize or even create the look of eyebrows. By controlling the pattern of eyebrows or eyelashes, a person can affect their look in noticeable ways. Curled eyelashes can provide a fuller view of the eyes for day activity, and penciled eyebrows can create a fuller pattern for the face in night outings. Like all products, BHCosmetics also provides the methods for these treatments in the forms of eyelash curlers or eyebrow pencils. While these products are less popular than the regular concealer or shadow, they are still inexpensive treatments that can provide unique results for the eyes and eyebrows.

In the end, it is important for a person to personally experiment with the different applications in order to discover the effects in diverse settings. For example, some palettes such as Forever Nude can create a flaky residue while mascara is rarely waterproof. In addition, the most popular form of palette or treatment does not necessarily indicate the perfect makeup. As mentioned earlier, the Neutral Eyes palette can better apply for everyday behavior while other popular choices such as Missy Lynn can work for special occasions. Some popular brands even include kits for specific colored eyes to highlight blue, brown, or green pigments. The multitude of brands and products emphasizes the different effects of makeup on the eyes for various times and events. Whatever product or brand a person ends up choosing does not change the pervasive role of eye makeup or the desire for beautiful eyes.

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