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Important Mobile Apps for Business

Thursday, 28 January 2016 11:07

The digital world is changing fast and an enormous amount of information is, every day, finding its place in the galaxy of websites and web applications. Today, if you aspire to become the owner of a successful business venture or want to take your existing one to the pinnacle then you must keep yourself updated with the latest trends and stay connected all the time. On the other hand, handling different desk jobs, mail checking, meetings and scheduling become a pain when there is severe time crunch. All your things should stay organized in a smart way.

Today, apps are making life a lot easier for their ability of being mobile with your smart phone and can turn it into your portable workstation. The smart phone revolution has made apps something- you can’t live without kind of thing. They not only wind up the entire content of prominent websites in the tiny window of your smart phone and keep you ready always but they can also do a lot of things just to satisfy your imaginations. Let’s find out some apps, which should have a permanent place in your smart phone’s memory-

Expensify App

    • Expensify is a cloud- based app that keeps all your bills and receipts arranged in a proper way. Frequent travelling and host of other engagements create numerous bills and that lead to utter chaos. Expensify makes them fall in one place by taking data from your credit card. Just take the picture of your receipts and this app will make a comprehensive expense report. This app is very useful for both personal and organizational use. Recently it has been selected as one of the Most Innovative companies of 2015 by FastCompany.
    • Schedule meetings and never forget a single event with ScheduleOnce - this amazing app is designed for those, who like going advance. This app will sync with your calendar, website and Google. Now, by creating a new calendar it allows people to add their request of meeting and invites there. Also it shows your availability so that people can adjust their timing to fix meetings and calls.
    • Save all your documents in single place with Google Drive - Google’s cloud storage facilities not only offer ample storage place but also give ease of sending them from anywhere. Google drive offers a seamless collaboration of almost all the Google services at one go.
    • Tripit is the savior for those, who are frequent on business tours and often catch three connecting flights along with managing a rented car. After getting ticket-confirmation mail in Gmail, Tripit scans your inbox to create a simple itinerary to make your journey easier. It also clubs your itinerary with your calendar and gives you all the required updates regarding weather, maps and direction. It saves a lot of time and makes travelling hassle free. Used by millions from inception, Tripit is still going stronger.
    • Evernote and Evernote Hello - these two apps will help you store everything you search and read in web on the go. Evernote is a popular web clipping app, which stores web page images as notes. It works on desktop and smartphones flawlessly. With Evernote Hello you can experience something amazing. When someone gives you his business card, don’t put it in your bag; just scan it and Evernote hello will search the person’s LinkedIn profile for you. It also makes your notes sync with your contact. This app is growing like rage and has increased its user base at whopping 3000 percent from December 2010 to September 2015.

Hipchat App

  • HipChat and Campfire - these two are really cool apps that keep you connected with all your employees and these apps reduce the need of adding sticky notes on your office to remind others about important things. These apps are compatible with desktops and every mobile operating system. Make quick five minutes meeting over here and increase your company’s productivity. HipChat is quite popular and HipChat team is planning to make it three times bigger by the end of 2015.
  • Your Bank’s app always comes handy; never forget to install it in your mobile. It allows you to make easy transactions and helps you in keeping tab on your expenses. Makes accounts checking also very easy.
  • Buffer is your social media manager that seamlessly brings all your social media accounts under a single umbrella. Joined by more than two million marketers, Buffer works in Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safary browsers. Basically it schedules your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and sends them on your behalf.

If you are a worshipper of Apple and use Apple Watch then following apps are the must have for you-

Sunrise Calender

  • Sunrise Calendar is a perfect calendar and scheduler
  • 1Password is the generator and keeper of strong passwords
  • Clear is a scheduler with voice recognition facility that perfectly syncs with Apple watch
  • Invoice2Go makes sophisticated invoice from anywhere
  • Citymapper navigates easily around the app supported cities
  • Paybyphone Parking makes the parking costs payment in participating cities and also tracks time of current parking situation

These apps are designed to make your business a lot easier and will help you in making effective planning by keeping different factors in mind.

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