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5 Easy Steps for Home Decor Makeover

Monday, 21 March 2016 12:59

In many parts of the world, spring is coming and with it, the desire to change things up a bit and get fresh as the flower petals soon to burst from the earth. Your wardrobe is going to change, and you’ll probably jump into spring cleaning soon. While you’re at it, why not update your home! Here are some easy tips to transform your living space.

Declutter - It is An Empty Cup That Receives Things

Step one in your home makeover should be to get rid of the things you are tired of or that aren’t working for you. If a hard purge is difficult for you, gather up a few boxes and start filling them up with things that don’t give you that special spark. Start in the room you entertain in most often so your visitors get to enjoy the full impact of your new style.

Ask yourself three questions about each item: Do I love this? Do I need this? Can I replace this? Obviously, if you can’t afford a new wide screen TV that will have to stay put, but clearing out that lamp your mom gave you two years ago for Christmas may provide the inspiration you need to put something wonderful in its place.

Home Decor

Pick A Favorite Item In Each Room

This trick can help you narrow your focus when you start shopping. Is there a favorite piece of furniture in your living room that makes you happy every time you look at it? Do you adore the color of your curtains? Consider the style and color of your favorite items and make mental or actual notes about what you like best about them. When you start looking for new pieces, you’ll have a guideline, like choosing modern pieces to match your favorite chair or metallic tones to pair well with those curtains.

Create A Budget

It is tempting to start shopping next, but the best advice is to come up with a budget for your little renovation. Maybe you have $500.00 to $1,000.00 to spend. Understanding your upper limit will help you pick pieces of good value and not splurge unnecessarily on a $200.00 wall sconce.

Remember that there are lots of exclusive coupons for many top retailers are available on our site to maximize your budget. For instance, check home decor and home and garden category to find wide variety of stores for purchasing the type of items you’re looking for.

budget home decor

Structure Your Shopping

Time for the best part: shopping! If you decided to trash your sofa or another large piece, go looking for those first. This will not only help your budget, but it also makes it much easier to stay within your goal of matching styles or color schemes. If you can’t find a big piece in the theme you want, the entire perfect accent pieces you just wasted an hour finding may have to be set aside.

Many home decor websites will make suggestions for you of pieces that relate to what you’ve looked at. Make a list or a folder in your browser and bookmark smaller things as you go, so you have some options all ready when it’s accent time. It’s a great idea to start your search on sites that feature lots of different types of home decor. This will potentially decrease your shipping cost and allow you to make use of this friendly suggestion feature.

Great Accent Pieces Take Your Style To The Next Level

You have your big pieces out of the way and now the fun really starts. Accents can range from candles to lamps to decorative items like figurines and can be purchased new, crafted or found in second hand stores. If your theme is funky or unusual, thrift stores and remnant outlets can provide some unbelievable and totally unique pieces to display.

If you don’t have the funds to splurge for new furniture, a simple throw blanket draped over a sofa can change the feel of a room, as can new throw pillows or a change in window dressings. Large area rugs can be pricey, but smaller ones placed around the room can have a big fashion impact for a smaller price tag.

Some Ideas For Inspiration!

Faux leather rug

This amazing faux fur throw available on Home Decorators Collection is a great example of a throw that is a natural color but still has big visual impact because of texture. It can work for all seasons. In the warmer months you can snuggle up with it and in the cooler ones it can stay snug in its spot as a decorative piece.

Looking for a change to your office or dining room? Swapping out chair cushions, like any of the many options at Pier One Imports, is a low budget update that is easy as pie. You’re sure to think about some new towels and a shower curtain for your bathroom, but a quick trip or click to a store like Lowes and a whole world of hardware accessories burst into view. Update cabinet pulls, towel bars and rings or even your sink and commode to make a big statement without major demo.

No Matter What- Do You!

Remember to think outside the box with your home decor updates. Large paintings can be propped against a wall to take up a different sort of empty space. Decorative windows can be hung on the wall like a painting. That old aquarium at a garage sale can be stuffed with plants to create a terrarium.

Pairing ideas like this with some store purchased items will really display your own personal style and create a warm and inviting home. Most of all, have fun while you work- this is all about you loving your space.

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