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5 Ways To Cozy Up Your Home On A Budget

Thursday, 27 October 2016 09:31

There are many reasons to give your home a mini makeover, but comfort is king. Your house is your castle, after all. It’s your refuge from the daily strife. It’s wonderful to have an inviting home where friends and family can visit, enjoy a great meal, and snuggle up to pass their quiet time. The best news is that you can achieve a super comfy, cozy home on a budget! You don’t need any major makeovers that require lots of money to turn into reality. Here are five ways to cozy up your home on a budget.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Seating

Breakfast nooks and counters are a wonderful way to bring people together. You can socialize while entertaining and everyone is in the same space. There’s just one problem. Most bar stools aren’t very comfortable. They’re especially bad for people with injuries, disabilities, short people, and anyone with back problems.

upgrading kitchen


A surefire way to cozy up your home is to upgrade your bar stools. It isn’t as cheap as a throw pillow or a blanket, but it’s much more economical than a new sofa set. Choose stools with good back support, a bar to place feet on comfortably, and a little padding. The R-321 from ARTeFACT is a great example. It looks rich, it covers all the requirements for comfort, and it will easily match most decors. It’s easy to love the Tufted Leather Arm Chair R-04640. It looks so comfy and the arms are a great added design feature.

Switch Up Your Mantel

Any home with a fireplace is automatically cozier. You can choose to start a raging fire or arrange candles inside for a lovely focal point in a room. But, what about the fireplace itself? You can paint your existing mantel if you are super short on cash. If you have a little more financial leeway, you can replace it altogether.

A mantel change can really affect the feel of a room. Urban Green has a sleek option in white. It stands on the line between modern and traditional. There isn’t a lot of frill to this mantel, but it is classic, classy, and will fit with many different decorating styles. You can go in any direction you choose from there. It looks lovely with some seasonal decorations at the top of it.

Express Yourself

This next item is really exciting. You’ll positively freak out over the pillows at Posh365. They are everything. They’re adorable and shockingly sophisticated at the same time. It’s all about the script. Some of the phrases are a bit cheeky, some fault a little pop culture knowledge, and some are heartfelt and warm.

Posh 365 pillow collection


These pillows are guaranteed conversation starters. They’re perfect for people who entertain a lot. The options are really vast, so rather than pick out a perfect pick for you, you go have a look at the selection yourself when you’re done reading this.

Find Your Inner Child With Bean Bag Chairs

Before you roll your eyes at this one, just remember that not all bean bag chairs are created equally. You don’t have to buy one in neon pink made of cheap pleather like back in your college days. There is that added benefit going for you with bean bag chairs, though. They’re nostalgic. They’re fun and many are surprisingly comfortable.

They’re also a great low budget way to add seating to an area. Something like this bean bag sofa from Wayfair really invites you to cuddle up with a pillow, blanket, and a good book. It would look amazing with one of the Posh365 pillows, in fact!

Rethink Wicker

Here are four words for you: outdoor wicker day bed. Before you saw that piece, could you imagine wicker could be so diverse and beautiful? This example is for outdoors, but there are plenty of indoor wicker furniture options as well. There’s nothing stopping you from putting this amazing piece in a sunroom or on a porch, either.

Outdoor bedding


Wicker pairs well with shabby chic themed rooms or themes in earthy colors. It could easily go bohemian or even work in a mixed and matched style featuring repurposed items.

Finally, Time To Save

Hopefully, you feel inspired you to think outside the box when it comes to making your home cozy. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s rules because your personality is what will shine through to cast a welcoming glow on your friends and family. When you’re alone, you’ll be all cozied up with your favorite things around you.

Remember that you can save at each of the retailers referenced here by looking around for the related discount here. You already know that it’s easy to use and won’t get in the way. Unless you’re new and this is your first visit! If so, you can feel secure about the discounts here and use them anytime you like for maximum savings. They change a lot, so visit frequently.

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