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Suits & Blazers: Latest Trends and Styles

Saturday, 27 December 2014 10:12
The Quintessential Man Can you visualize James Bond with an ill-fitting suit? Well, certainly not in your wildest dreams! This iconic fictional British Secret Service Agent exudes unbound charm on account of his crisp, immaculate sense of dressing. His awe-inspiring collection of suits, blazers and tuxedos is indeed unparalleled. And it’s not just James Bond who has caught our fancy; from George Clooney and Christoph Waltz, to David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and several other gorgeous hunks have swept us off our feet with their impeccable outfits.

Top 5 Photo Editing Software

Tuesday, 25 November 2014 09:50
Ever wished you could some extra bit of fun to a photograph? How many times did you try gifting a photo collage to your best friend and simply abandoned the idea since the photos were not satisfactory? Did you ever wish to edit a photo on your own and get the perfection you desire? If yes, then read on for this is all about photo editing software.

What Exactly Is A Smart Green House?

Monday, 27 October 2014 06:12
Gardening is not only fun and mood elevating but is also health inducing as you can grow your own food in your backyard. People, who do gardening by hobby, also end up making business out of it by meticulously innovating and improvising in their work. Greenhouses have been a boon to gardening or farming in areas that have challenging climate and were historically invented to function as incubators for plants that need to be grown in a protective environment.

Simple Relaxation Techniques to Unwind!

Monday, 22 September 2014 05:32
In today’s world, man is so blinded by the hunger for material comforts that he is constantly getting sucked in a black hole and thus falls prey to poor health. It is ironical that for the very comforts he craves for make him go that extra mile with that insatiable hunger for more that he forgets what he was trying to achieve in the first place. To cut the long story short, in today’s world of cut throat competition, it is absolutely important to heed to your body and relax.

Exercise Or Work Out At Home

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 06:10
The minute you ask women what is that they don't like about their body, irrespective of their weight, height and size, you need to be prepared for the earful. Women are ready to launch a long laundry list of what she doesn't like about her body. The most common problem reported by women is that they are quite uncomfortable about their tummy pooch.

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