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A honeymoon, family vacation or simply a relaxation destination, islands are the best retreat for you. The tranquilizing beaches, breathtaking scenery, picturesque landscapes are enough to make even the most industrious person in the world to forget all the worries and relax. While Hawaii is the most popular island destination, here are a few other equally beautiful and popular island destinations..

Ice-creams To Revel This Summer

Thursday, 19 June 2014 07:13
Summers are round the corner and the best way to beat the heat is by gorging on ice creams. These popular delicacies date back to ancient China, when the ice candies were prepared using fruit juice and snow. Their popularity spread and since then their method of preparation has come a long way. Since time immemorial, Americans have welcomed summers by flocking to their favorite Ice cream parlors and relishing their favorite flavors. They indeed provide a refreshing retreat from the scorching summer heat and apart from the beaches and summer carnivals; ice creams are a great fix in the sultry environment.

Tips on Fixing a Slow PC

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 11:11
A computer that works at snail’s pace could be the most annoying thing when you are working or browsing. Endless waiting for a slow computer that takes forever to churn out a simple task can get you incredibly frustrated and stressed. Not many users know that computers get slow over time due to an overload of resources. It does not just attribute to the entry of viruses or malware. We do add a lot of applications and software programs which include pictures, games, music and movies that begin to use up finite computer resources. Before long there are so many processes running back and forth and too little space for disk space and memory storage. There is also another factor, which involves excess usage where the desktop or laptop is left running for long periods of time.  A wrong notion that is doing the rounds is that computers become slow due to aging and is unavoidable. 

Living In The Era Of Gadgets

Wednesday, 09 April 2014 11:07
If someone were to bring the great Christopher Columbus to the modern world, he would be bedazzled by its advancement. The advancement in technology, communication, health and lifestyle and security has come a long way since industrial revolution. Smartphone, LED TV, state of the art technologies like 5G and Wi-Fi, laptops and tablets and bullet trains cruising at over 300 mph, are glittering examples of gadgetry and technology. If you were to, for example, listen to a song sung over a decade ago, all you have to do is type the songs starting lyrics in the search engine of internet and you will be able to access a sound file, kept in a server that is thousands of miles away from where you are and you are not even connected physically!!! Today people may not notice it, but just care for a different perspective and you will see the amazing things technology does.

Look What They’re Wearing!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 06:18
All of us have seen grown-ups going ga-ga over kids! Hell, we’re among those grown-ups who can’t refrain ourselves from saying, “Aw, that’s such a cute baby!” That’s particularly true of women, you know, because of the whole motherly instinct and stuff. I love kids too! But apart from their cuteness factor, there is one more reason which makes me go, “Damn that’s sweet!” when I see kids running around, and that is the wonderful colorful array of dresses that are available for them! Yes, I love the way some kids dress. I mean, seriously, kudos to the parents who invest their minds and hearts in dressing up their kids in some of the cutest, most vibrant and might I add fashionable dresses available.

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